5 thoughts on “A pair of new couples in Zhuji, Zhejiang, did the wedding. Why did the man ask the woman to refund the gift money?”

  1. Recently, a pair of new couples in Zhuji, Zhejiang, even do the wedding, but the man asked the woman to return the gift money! What's going on, let's take a look!
    The newlywed couple will make trouble before registering!
    The guy Shoumou and the girl Wang Sutra introduced each other. During the period of love, Shoumou once gave Wangmou a meeting of 8,800 yuan, and presented some property. In January last year, the two parties held a wedding ceremony in accordance with rural customs and set up wine mats separately.
    Prepritrimation before and after the wedding, Shoumou paid Wang Mou a gift of 150,000 yuan and hard Chinese cigarettes, and gave Wangmou Platinum Diamond Ring (worth RMB 14100). Later, Wang returned to 8,800 yuan.
    Although the two did not go through the marriage registration procedures, Wang had moved to life to live together. Unexpectedly, after living together, the two sides had contradictions. Shoumou also slapped Wang. After that, the two began to separate.
    The man asked the woman to return Cai Li

    In January 2019, Shoumou reported the case to the Anwar Police Station of the Zhuji Public Security Bureau.
    In April 2019, Shoumou complained to the court, asking Wang to return to the Cai Li 202906 yuan, 6 ancient coins in the Republic of China and 3,000 yuan in cash.
    The court of Zhuji Court believes that Cai Li is a certain amount of property with a certain amount of value of the woman who pays for marriage for the purpose of marriage. It is an attached gift.

    In this case, the plaintiff Shoumou gave the defendant some property for the purpose of marriage, but the two parties have not completed the marriage registration procedures so far. Article 10 of the Explanation (2) stipulates that the plaintiff Shoumou may request the defendant to return the gift. However, in terms of the amount of return, the plaintiff paid for the defendant to pay a lot of gifts to the defendant, but the defendant also paid a certain fee for the marriage between the two parties. Now the plaintiff requires that all the gifts are returned.

    . Therefore, the Zhuji courts comprehensive considerations of local customs, the actual expenses of the defendant, and the two sides have indeed lived together for about half a year.

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