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  1. It is best not to bring it when bathing, so that it will affect the quality of the necklace for a long time. Do not contact acid, alkaline substances. Perform professional cleaning at the place where you buy it regularly. On the one hand, it is unprofessional, and the weight of the original necklace may be alleviated.

    The discoloration or fading of gold jewelry is closely related to the human sweat. 99%of human sweats are water, and about 1%are waste and harmful substances in the human body, such as chlorine substitutes, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc. After contacting the silver and copper in gold jewelry, these substances will produce chemical reactions, produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, and show dark black chemical salt.

    The chemical salt is often dropped from gold jewelry to pollute the skin of the wearer, leaving a very obvious black stain on the skin. At present, cosmetics have also become one of the indispensable "characters" of people's lives. If you apply it on the skin of the gold jewelry, it will undoubtedly provide opportunities for cosmetics containing chemicals and the golden jewelry that is most afraid of chemical erosion, and the results can be imagined.

    This do not let your gold jewelry come into contact with various cosmetics. Due to the small amount of mercury (mercury) containing a small amount of mercury (mercury) in the commercially available cosmetics, white spots or whiteness will appear after contact with gold jewelry. Do not use a knife or sandpaper to polish your golden jewelry at this time. As long as the white spots or white jewelry appear to bake in the fire, and then wipe it with a soft cloth, the gold jewelry will restore the original luster.

  2. Gold wearing a bath is damaged to gold. The specific impact is as follows:
    . The basic attributes of gold
    gold, a metal, a chemical symbol is AU. Item
    : melting point: 1
    . N4
    3 ℃, boiling point: 2807 ℃, density: 19.32g/cc, Hardness: 2.5.
    The gold has good heat transfer, conductivity and anti -
    corrosiveness, stable chemical properties, not easy to oxidize
    or chemically react with other substance Mixed acids (ie king water), potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide and sulfur sulfur.
    is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
    The gold has good toughness and ductility. Under modern processing conditions, it can be used as pole
    thin gold foil, or it can be pulled into a very long gold silk.
    . Regarding the shower liquid, soap
    The shower gel is generally alkaline
    (1) The main component of the shower agent is the surfactant. Thickening agent, chelating agent, skin care agent, color material.
    (2) Some efficient ingredients are added to the high -grade bath solution, such as Chinese herbal medicine extract, hydrolyzed protein, vitamin and wool fat derivatives, so that the bath liquid not only has a cleaning effect, but also promotes blood circulation, wets and protects the skin of the skin And have the effect of sterilization and disinfection.
    The composition of soap is relatively alkaline
    (1) The alkali is high in the ingredients of soap, and its alkali is produced by hydrolysis in the water in the water.
    (2) The human skin is weak and acidic in general, so after washing your face with soap, you will find that the skin is dry and tight.
    . It is best not to take gold
    The golden texture and easy to be damaged.
    The bath liquid and soap are alkaline and damage to gold.
    It because the surface of the jewelry is precisely polished, there is a touch of glory. If you touch it more or the erosion of the sweat chemicals, it will affect the brilliance. If you touch your hand, you will leave a handprint. Even if you do not hurt the glass, it will not be beautiful.
    The jewelry will not light up for a long time. You need to clean or renovate. If you usually do not let it come into contact with too much water chemical washing supplies, you can decide to extend the aesthetic time and reduce the number of renovation because the renovation is refurbished because the renovation is refurbished because the renovation is refurbished. If you use microwave cleaning, there is no wear on the jewelry, but if you want to wash it with medicinal water or reopen, you will wear more or less, reduce the weight.

  3. Real gold is not afraid of fire -gold is one of the most stable metals in nature. It is resistant to corrosion and high temperature resistance. It will not be afraid of dozens of degrees of hot water.

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