1 thought on “Can I go to the jewelry wholesale market to buy Sanjin-Buy Sanjin to the wholesale market is reliable?”

  1. The three golds of marriage are an essential part and a more important custom. Generally, the man bought it to the woman before the marriage. This is generally considered a gift. Most of the three golds will buy gold rings, gold earrings, and gold necklaces. Some people will go to the jewelry wholesale market, but this is generally not guaranteed, not particularly reliable.
    It three golds can you go to the jewelry wholesale market?
    It can go to the jewelry wholesale market, but the quality cannot be guaranteed.
    In general, the channel for Volkswagen consumers to buy gold is jewelry shop. Under the supervision of the national industrial and commercial institutions, most of the gold sold in the market is reliable. Of course, with the international tourism consumption boom, e -commerce boom, WeChat boom, and even the rise of some customized tourism, the channels for people to buy gold have become diverse. However, in general, it is reliable to buy gold in jewelry stores, especially large chain jewelry shops.
    Masin to the wholesale market is reliable?
    is not particularly reliable. It is recommended to buy it in a big brand.
    The gold wholesale markets in various places. You have time to search online. Most of the gold in various places comes from the water shellfish jewelry base in Luohu District, Shenzhen. The quality is uneven and the quality cannot be guaranteed.
    No matter what brand of gold you buy, you will not be fooled by the following three points:
    1. Unified goods logo, label and brand.
    2. Conventional brands must be tested. National testing is more authoritative than provincial tests.
    3. Enterprises dare to promise in writing that if the gold content is less than 100%, they can pay double and full compensation.
    What to buy Sanjin
    1. Go to the bank to buy
    If you want to buy gold products with collective value, you can go to the bank to buy. Some gold products sold by banks have investment value and easy to buy. Some gold products will also provide repurchase, so the gold purchased is even more reassuring.
    2. Buy from a regular brand store
    If you want to buy gold jewelry, you can go to a regular brand store. Brand stores have complete qualifications, and gold jewelry varieties are complete. There is a big choice. They can also try it on when buying in the store. The service is thoughtful, and the products you buy are reassuring. You can consider the ranking of these brands from the gold brand
    3. Buy from the official website and online stores
    , there are many businesses on Taobao, but some big brands, such as Chow Tai Fook and Zhou Sheng, are on the Taobao platform. They all have their own official flagship stores, all products are sold online and offline. In this way, you can rest assured to buy on Taobao.

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