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  1. "Kunbaida" jewelry was established on August 6, 1993, starting with only 150,000 yuan. Chairman Mr. Maloji, with his keen market perception, is optimistic about the potential of the jewelry market and the heating up market demand. Large investment intensity and expansion of operating varieties and business areas. Based on the business purpose of "sincerity -oriented, integrity and hospitality", it has now developed into the development, design, production processing, cultural promotion, wholesale, and retail of jewelry and jade. International professional jewelry business agency. The company has its own jade mines and processing plants, with direct supply, and the outlets are all over Kunming and states. Among them, the branch area of ​​the provincial capital of Kunming is more than 10,000 square meters. Stores, the farthest points have been stationed in North America. Since the establishment of the company, it has established a high reputation at home and abroad, and has been listed among the national jade jewelry industry.
    1. Honor testimony
    Kunba Jewelry has always had a belief, that is, in any case, it must provide consumers with the highest quality products. Through unremitting efforts, Kunba Jewelry has won the title of "Spring City Gold" and "China Famous Brand". In August 2008, Kunba Jewelry Company obtained the right to use the trademark of "natural jadeite", and On November 11th, the "China Jewelry and Jewelry Industry Excellent Reassuring Store Title" was obtained. On March 9, 2009, Kunba Jewelery became one of the first batch of 15 Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industries.
    2009 China Jewelry and Jade Shouchie Jiexi
    2. Production, processing, management
    The company's existing employees have more than 1,600 employees. Responsible for a series of business activities such as procurement, production and sales. From raw material procurement, design production to carving, polishing, polishing, storage, inspection (production certificate), distribution (including wholesale, retail, inlaid), sales, after -sales service and other production, processing and sales processes all have strict and clear implementation standards and standards and standards and such as Quality inspection system standards. The B F V 500 computer management system has been developed, and a complete production and management model of production management, quality control, brand operation, large -scale operation, and self -operated flagship stores have been established. In December 2004, the company passed the ISO 9001: 20000 international quality management system.
    3. Design, innovation
    The company to strengthen the improvement of technical power and the construction and reserves of the talent team, and do not hesitate to invest in production technology innovation. million dollar. The design and innovation of design, the design and processing staff of the Kunli Jewelry breaks the routine and bold innovation. One is the innovation of the concept; the other is the innovation of materials and styles such as production, inlaid, and auxiliary materials; the third is the innovation of the pattern; the fourth is the processing process of the processing process; the fourth is the processing technology Innovation; the logical laws of existing experience and general thinking, but to cleverly pour high flexible, novel and unique way of thinking on the design drafts and works, so that the works are different.
    4. Brand construction and marketing
    The company has established a comprehensive CIS enterprise image design system, which has made detailed standards for the spirit of the enterprise, the values ​​of the enterprise, and the goals of the enterprise. , It also continuously enriches and enhances the culture of the enterprise, and strengthens the cohesion and reputation of the enterprise. The company invested nearly 10 million yuan each year to carry out media promotion brand marketing. At the same time as a series of main media promotion, it also conducted parallel auxiliary publicity models such as outdoor media advertising and pedestrian street square promotion.
    5. Talent team construction
    The company's training funds for millions of yuan each year is used for employee training. For employees' own quality, professional knowledge, and professional skills, employees have been trained more than three times a year. It also selected managers to visit outstanding enterprises at home and abroad to learn the world's top jewelry design, processing and business services. I hope that through tireless efforts, we hope to create a stylish atmosphere of the combination of the traditional and fashion of the Kunchu's jewelry.
    6. The road to the service of Kunba Jewelery
    The Kunba Jewelry has a complete and standardized customer service system, providing consumers with no pre -sale, mid -sales, and after -sales service. In addition to after -sales service, Kunba Jewelry also provides two additional intimate services. Kunba Jewelry provides old -fashioned gold jewelry and platinum jewelry. At the same time, if the customer is dissatisfied with the style of the jewelry, some accessories can be changed for the customer when the processing process allows it. In Kunba Jewelry, only the processing fee is charged.
    7. Steady expansion of the market
    The Kunba Jewelry Company, while steady development, also expanded and expanded on the basis of the original store. Stores, 5F, 6F, Shangri -La Shop, Yuxi Branch.
    2009 is located in the most prosperous Nanping Street Commercial Circle in Kunming City in the center of Bai Daxin Tiandi on the 6th Floor of Kunba Great Jewelry Store. Here we bring together young and stylish jewelry elements, showing the spirit of corporate spirit that keeps pace with the times and continuously innovate. After continuous adjustment and improvement, the Kunli Jewelry A store (the 6th floor of the hundred new world) has completed a comprehensive image upgrade on the occasion of the 16th birthday of Kunba Jewelry, and has presented to customers with a new image.

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