5 thoughts on “What are the gifts that can be given to friends by yourself?”

  1. For example, the best gift is to make a homemade hand -made card for friends. You can write some memories about you on this book, and then add photos, which is very memorable.

  2. I think the small gifts of the self -made album DIY, I think they are very suitable for making themselves and given to friends, but some gifts really need to do it by yourself. If you do not do well, you must work hard.

  3. There are many gifts given to friends by self -made. For example, you can make a earrings by yourself. From the beginning to the final process, you can make a lipstick for her, or a small cake.

  4. For example, some necklaces made of small stones, or bracelets, or small toys that are handmade products are very suitable for homemade and given gifts. This kind of thing is very good and very interesting.

  5. There are many small gifts for qualifications. For example, you know a notebook, or a candy for qualifications, or a postcard in qualification. Although it is a small gift, the gift is light and affectionate.

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