2 thoughts on “What brand of diamond ring is best for daily wear, and it is more comfortable?”

  1. The most important thing I buy a ring is comfort, otherwise it is panic in the meat all day long, and it is useless to look good. The oldest diamond ring I wore was the Aries diamond ring of I-PRIMO's family. I bought it three years ago. I have hardly changed it in recent years. The style is quite suitable for daily wear. The inner circle is done to deal with the sharp corner, so it will not grind the hands at all, which is particularly comfortable. This Aries diamond ring is also Chen Yanfei's same paragraph. She often uses clothes to match clothes, stylish and versatile. In addition, the diamond ring of I-PRIMO's house is custom-made. You can customize many different small details according to the needs of the guests. For example, the inner ring is inlaid with the heart of the heart and the lettering, making your diamond ring a unique and only my diamond ring! Is it particularly great! It is recommended that the subject can also go to I-PRIMO's house to see it ~

  2. If we wear daily, it belongs to the category of diamond jewelry. Diamonds have no brand. It mainly depends on 4C. For jewelry inlaid with small diamonds without the main diamond, 4C is not important. It mainly depends on the style and workmanship.
    The diamonds have no brand, but the jewelry has a brand. As long as it can be called a brand, there is no need to worry about the true and false materials. So mainly consider price, style, workmanship.
    The international brand premium rate is the highest, the style recognition is also very high, and the quality workmanship is naturally no problem. If the budget is sufficient, it is naturally the first choice. Don't easily believe that the so -called purchasing and factory goods are basically fake. If you have the conditions to buy it from abroad, the price will be cheaper.

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