5 thoughts on “What gifts do you give this year?”

  1. 1. Send jewelry. If you send a mother or a girlfriend, or a gift between the couple, choose the jewelry atmosphere.
    2, send cosmetics. Send a makeup set and send a cosmetics separately. It looks too monotonous. Give a suit, very good, decent and atmospheric.
    3, send Christmas souvenirs. On Christmas, there are many crafts, souvenirs, such as Christmas greeting cards; craftsmanship for Santa Claus.
    4, send Christmas apples. On Christmas Eve, there are apples accompanied by the apple, the big red apple, after wrapping with a packaging paper, or using a carton, you can give it to good friends, teachers or family.
    5, send Christmas socks. Christmas socks are suitable for children. Children like Christmas socks very much and stuff a few small gifts in Christmas socks.
    6, send flowers. Christmas, beautiful flowers, can be given to good friends or couples or teachers, parents, express Christmas blessings!
    7, send perfume. High -end perfume is especially suitable for girlfriends as gifts on Christmas.

  2. Ping An Night Send Ping An Fruit. Boys can send girls necklaces, watches, lipsticks, bags, and even men can only customize one DR proposal diamond ring in their lives; girls can send boys to scarves, gloves, hats, wallets, wallets, wallets, wallets, wallets, wallets Belt, tie, etc. In fact, in the eyes of couples, there is no difference between Ping An Night and Valentine's Day, so I think it can be given in Ping An Night for all the energy saving of Valentine's Energy Festival.

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