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  1. Children's gifts at the age of 6 to six nThe intellectual gifts can make children broaden their horizons and grow up. Therefore, children's Day gifts can also choose to learn supplies, such as icons, stationery, small blackboards or chalk.
    A painting stationery suits, this kind of complete stationery set will bring great satisfaction to the child, so that he can't wait to try his painting technology. At this time Painter!
    I mini -children's musical instruments, children's mini instruments are small and light, are music equipment designed for children. It can cultivate children's hobbies for music. It is a good helper for parents to provide early education and educational education for children.
    The child fun hat, haha, don't think this is very tacky, now many trend hats. With a trendy hat, it shows the charm of children's truth.
    children's dresses, children's sportswear, once a year a year, and sending such a gift, it must be good. The girl was dressed up and the boy was dressed vividly, which was worthy of the flowers of the motherland. However, you need to choose the suitable for children in combination with the child's style. Some are not in line with their style. Children don't like to wear it, huh.
    Children's shoes, this pair of shoes, more encouragement, a kind of incentive. Let them take a new trajectory at a new stage. This gift is the blessing to their starting life.
    The children of Children's Day at the age of six to nine
    The children to send children's watches. This is necessary. To cultivate children's time concept from childhood, let them cherish the happy time in front of them when they are playing. Be careful to send some childlike watches.
    send a cartoon backpack. Children like cartoons are natural. At this time, give them a brand new cartoon backpack. They may dance, both practical and beautiful. As a result, greatly increased.
    This electric toys for children, remote control electric toy cars have become the main product of boys' toys after years of technological research and development and market cultivation. With the development of the times, the types and styles of electric toys are diverse. More and more children are loved. This can cultivate children's interest in science and technology, and lay the foundation for future growth to scientists.
    The recommendation is to buy some commemorative gifts, such as growth album, handprint mold, etc., creative medals, so that students will impress the teacher very deeply. Children will also be very happy, and they are also a good choice.
    If children's encyclopedia, children's encyclopedia is mainly a kind of encyclopedia that is suitable for children's reading. Illustrations can attract children's interest in reading. Education and joy, contributing to it.
    This hobbies are the best teachers. Giving gifts according to children's interests will be very popular. The suitable gifts for children at this age include various small models, balls, small bicycles, pedal cars, and camping small tents.
    Because the child will encounter a lot of confusion during the growth process, they need to clarify the structure of things and the ins and outs of the dragon, so it is necessary to take them to experience themselves, such as swimming zoo, visiting museums, visiting parks, summer camp activities, activities, and summer camp activities, summer camp activities, activities, Ice rinks, ball games, etc.

  2. Children's Day is one of their happiest days for children. You can choose to give them a gift for them to live an unforgettable Children's Day.
    1. Fun Science Experiment Set
    Fun scientific experimental set can stimulate children's interest in scientific research; cultivate children's spirit of exploration of unknown fields, and have a certain degree of promotion of children's observation and imagination ability. Essence
    2. The glowing glorious earth
    The earthly glorious Earth can allow children to understand the most basic geographical knowledge. The division of time zones, the principles of day and night, and the reasons for changes in the four seasons can allow children to learn in entertainment.
    3. A set of encyclopedia
    Children always have a strong curiosity about all things in the world. Encyclopedia can answer their questions well and serve as qualified teachers.

  3. When Children's Day is coming, it will be given the following gifts to the children.
    1. For those who are under 7 years old, children who do not go to elementary school give them some toys, puzzles, building blocks, and pinyin reading. These gifts meet the needs of children of this age.
    2. Those who are over 7 years old, children who are already in elementary school, give them some school supplies (stationery boxes, pencils, rubber, etc.), children's watches, classroom reading books, etc. These gifts can help children learn from learning improving.
    3. If you are still under 3 years old, give them some small clothes, bracelets, small shoes, etc.

  4. I am very happy to answer your question.
    The children prefer snacks and toys, and they can send these two types; they can also send some necessary learning tools, such as ruler, pencil, book, and rubber.

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