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  1. 3 Treasures of the Three Kingdoms era:
    1, Putuo's secret room has a yellow scarf order
    2, Emei has Hua Hua giving green sac books
    3, Emei copy with Xuezhu and Qiankun circle n4 There are 100 germs and carp, sending the Anyalus
    5, the third hut on the right side of Shuofang has Qiankun Circle
    6, Yuxuelong Mountain has Zuo's spring and autumn
    8, Brahma is in the cave directly below Hanzhong
    9, the night pearl is on the left maze on the left of Cangwu
    10, the Yaka Ax is in Tianshan Treasure Box
    11本 Copy in Shangyong City
    13, Longanzhu in the Temple of Taishan House
    14, Golden Ling in Putuo Mountain Copy
    15, Black Dragon Circle on the left of Cangwu
    Extension information
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    Masm selective dialogue system is a subversion of traditional character games. The personal cultivation system has also evolved to the attribute point skill tree mode. The combat system has evolved into a multi -general battle. The setting of the ending has expanded the game's patience to the greatest extent.
    The main character of this game is still the monarch, but the more unpopular Meng Gao in the story of the Three Kingdoms was pioneered, giving players a refreshing feeling.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Three Kingdoms Age 3

  2. [Treasure]
    1 Sadtipples clothes since the back of the blue 2 Hanzhong.
    2 Night pearl wearing self -recovery red 2 Cangwu left maze.
    3 Danxia deer mount speed 15 and Zuo Ci exchange.
    4 Leak History 5 Sky Mountain Treasure Box.
    5 Tower Shield Self -Right 2 Huashan Treasure Box.
    6 and the crickets wear a copy of the city of Blue 1 Shangyong City.
    7 A copy of the Taishan house in the longan beads.
    8 Weares in the Qiankun Circle Wear the Red 500 Fang Fang Hut.
    9 Thunderbolt wearing blue 200 Jian'an on the left.
    10 Golden Ling system 10 Putuo Mountain copy.
    11 Black Dragon Circle Power 10 Cangwu left.
    12 Stroke Soul Tanzhuang 10th South Vietnam.
    13 Yuxi wears charm 10 Yunnan City copy.
    14 Waying system 5 Hua Yan exchange.
    15 Spring and autumn left biography 5 Yu Xuelong Mountain.
    16 Sun Tzu's military method wears intelligence 5 in Luoyang City.
    17 The Analects of Confucius wearing charm 5 Penglai is exchanged from Ji Jiaoling.

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