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  1. In the past two months, the rare price of gold has increased by 10 % to $ 1,400 a ounce, reaching the highest price in more than five years. Many friends are happy, because gold jewelry can be worn not only, but also for investment.
    The friends who bought gold jewelry in recent years have basically reached the state of return, or they have made money. Some friends with many gold jewelry at hand have become alive. How much can I sell for gold jewelry? Let me introduce it to my senior jewelery professionals. The most cost -effective gold recycling channels.
    Golden jewelry recycling channels
    Callow recycling is common to buy store recycling, pawn bank, bank, street shops, or online second -hand trading platforms, but the price of gold jewelry recycling is different. Before preparing to sell gold jewelry, let's first understand where to recover the price of gold jewelry the highest and most cost -effective.
    Gold store recycling gold: Many jewelry stores have gold jewelry recycling business, excluding several major jewelry brands in Hong Kong. They hang up the gold recovery price and do not really recover gold. Many domestic jewelry brands provide gold jewelry recycling, but generally only recover the gold jewelry of the brand, and do not provide other brands of gold recycling business. Therefore, there are more restrictions on the recycling of jewelry brands, and the prices will not be too high.
    CBB: The bank only provides its own gold recycling business. The gold production purchased by other banks and jewelry shops is not recycled, and the restrictions are very large.
    The dwellers: You can sell gold jewelry to the pawnshop, but the disadvantage is that the number of pawn banks is small, and the recovery price is not high.
    The street shops and shopping mall jewelry repair points: The place where traditional gold jewelry is sold is small shops on the street. Recycling is relatively convenient, but the recovery price is relatively low. The maintenance point of the jewelry in the mall is also a reason. Their recycling price is generally about 10 to 20 yuan at international gold prices, and the darker ones can be reduced to 40 to 50 yuan.
    The second -hand jewelry trading platform: For example, a certain fish, a transfer platform, of course, the buyers and sellers above are more complicated.
    The retail price of gold jewelry is 399 yuan per gram, the international gold price is 312 yuan per gram, and the recovery price is more reasonable between 290 yuan and 300 yuan. Too fast, no one said that it will be collected today, and it will reduce the price tomorrow.

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