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Nowadays, women attach great importance to their hair styles. They will alter their hair styles numerous times a year, such as perm or dye. Some women are not satisfied with their hair styles or their hair quality, so they will choose to find their hair extension manufacturer to set their desired hair styles. The cost of hair is also extremely steep. A lot of women are not willing to do it, but the hair is excellent, we understand.

Now hair has become extremely popular. Some women in the hair are special attention, have high requirements for their hair. If you feel that your hair is not extremely tall, you will choose hair extensions, then hair, want hair women come to see.

Hair extensions, please

Because some shops for their own profit, use real hair, is some animal hair or through chemical development of chemicals, so it is extremely harmful to the human body.

It is recommended not to add hair, if it is their own hair but try, but the time is not too lengthy, because the scalp tissue will be affected after the hair, long-term can not comb the hair will lead to the proliferation of white hair, and the head blood flow is not smooth, resulting in a series of complications.

4766ab89dbf9c40cb402a0e1c8e92ddbWash your hair after you add it.‚Äč

1. Comb your hair thoroughly before washing and clean it with shampoo.

2. For the second wash, mix honey into shampoo to wash your hair.

3. Mix honey into the conditioner and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing.

4. When my hair is wet, use a towel to absorb moisture in my hair bit by bit. No hair dryer!

This lasts for 2-3 months and you can see that your hair is extremely bright. Of course, if you have expired milk or something, it's even better to wash it.

Points for attention in connection


For a natural and realistic look, only about 10 strands of hair can be attached at a time.

It takes seven to eight hours to divide a full head of hair into about 300 strands and grow them one by one, while thinner hair is divided into additional strands with fewer hairs per share.

Do not take a sauna, wash your hair in overheated water or blow it with a hairdryer after hair extensions, as elevated temperatures can affect the fastness of the adhesive.

And when combing hair can not be combed to the end, I want to divide two combs.

With proper care, extensions typically last three to six months.

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