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  1. Legal analysis: If you are illegal, you do n’t obtain the ownership of the loss. First, if you get lost, you should return the right holder. The person who picks up shall promptly notify the right holder to receive, or send it to the relevant departments such as public security. Pickups can ask for the necessary fees, but not required to pay for pay. However, if the loss of a reward advertisement will be paid, those who are willing to pay a certain amount of remorse shall not be regrettable, and the relevant departments will receive the lost objects. If they know that the right holder shall receive them at the same time, it shall promptly issue a led announcement. If no one claims within 6 months from the date of the announcement of the relevant authorities, the lost objects belong to the country. Relevant departments shall properly keep the lost objects. Those who have lost their loss or lose their loss and lose their loss of civil liability, and they shall bear the loss of the lost objects and deal with infringement. People must not ask for the necessary fees. There is also no right to request the right holder to perform the obligation of fulfilling the commitment
    The legal basis: Article 312 of the “People’s Republic of China” of Article 312 owners or other right holders have the right to recover the lost objects. If the lost object is occupied by others, the right holder has the right to request damage compensation from the person who is not punished, or if he knows or should know or know the assignee, the assignee requests to return the original. Those who buy the loss through auction or to the operator with business qualifications shall pay the fees paid by the concession when the right holder requests to return the restore. After the right holder pays the payment fee, he has the right to recover to the person without the right.

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