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  1. One carat diamond diameter is 6.5mm. 1 carat is about 0.2 grams, which is equivalent to the weight of a clot. Diamond refers to the valuable gems that have been picked up. It also refers to artificial gemstones with high hardness, which can be used to make precision instruments and instrument bearings or decorations.

  2. Standard cutting circular one -carat diamond has a diameter of about 6.45mm.
    Compared with the physical object, it is probably equivalent to the cross section of an ordinary pencil.
    The diamond diameter of different shapes is different
    The diameter of the one -carat circular diamond is 6.45mm, the diameter of the one -carat princess is 5.5mm, the diameter of one caratscus diamond is 5mm, one carat, one carat The diameter of the heart -shaped diamond is 6mm. The size of the one -carat diamond in other shapes is: water droplet diamond 8*5mm, oval diamond 7.5*5mm, olive -shaped diamond 9.5*4.5mm, grandmother green diamond 6*4.5mm;
    , some diamonds use use It is standard cutting, and some diamond cutting is not so standard.

    This diamonds with low levels may also be large or small in diameter, so the diameter of 1 carat diamond depends on the cutting level.

  3. The diameter of the standard round diamond -cut 1 carat diamond is 6.5mm. However, the actual diamonds on the market are always small in diamonds. 1 carat diamond diameter is 6.4 or 6.3mm, or even 6.0mm. The size of the 1 carat diamond ring may be more different, because the size of the one -carat diamond ring is different from the inlaid method and style of the one -carat diamond ring, so the diamond ring you buy may not be the standard diameter.
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  4. 1 carat (CT) is equal to 200 mg, which is similar to the weight of a back -shaped needle.
    1 carat diamond weight is 0.2 grams. The diameter of the 1 -carat diamond that standardizes the circular diamond type is 6.5mm. However, the diamond diameter of reality is always small, with 1 carat diamond diameter 6.4mm or 6.3mm, or even 6.0mm.

    During the measurement of the diamond weight, 1 carat is equivalent to 100 “points” (PT), so that carat weight is accurate to two digits after the decimal point. Jewelry dealers can directly describe a diamond with a weight of less than 1 carat.
    For example, the diamonds of 0.25 carats are also called “twenty -five points”. But for diamonds of more than 1 carat, you can only use the accurate to percentage “carat” to describe it.
    For example, 1.08 carat diamonds can only use “a little eight carats” to explain its weight.
    The expansion information

    The reason why diamonds look large or small are very large due to the cutting of diamonds. Diamonds have extremely high refractive index and strong color scattered, so cutting is cut Workers must follow the law of optics to cut. The proportion of cutting must be appropriate to make the light enter the effect of hope.
    . The size of the diamond countertop after cutting is cut. If the diamond countertop of the same weight is large, the diamond will look large, but at the same time, the fire color will be reduced; Caiqiang, and diamonds look smaller.
    The diamond inlaid method also determines the factors of intuitive diamonds. For example, the diamonds of lying inlaid are larger than the diamonds inlaid, and the diamonds will generally appear smaller, but if the platinum inlaid is inlaid, the diamond will be large, because the luster of the platinum will extend the luster of the diamond and watch it in an immediate view Diamonds are larger, and the gold inlaid is wrapped in the periphery of the diamond, and the diamond is relatively small.

    The reference materials Baidu Encyclopedia -diamond

  5. Conventional circular diamonds are 6.5 mm in diamond diameter according to the international size, which is more than half centimeters.
    one carat diamond size
    diamond cutting process will cause different diamond size, to be willing to use standard circular diamonds, 1 carat diamond diameter is 6.5mm, and the cross -section of our daily Chinese pencils used in daily use The size is almost the same. But for other shapes of diamonds, the diameter is different. For example, the diameter of 1 carat heart -shaped diamond is 6.5mm, 1 carat princess square diamond edge length is 5.5mm, 1 caratdine diamond diameter is 4.75mm, 1 carat -shaped diamond diameter is 5.5mm, 1 carat 1 carat The diameter of the oval diamond diamond is 6.5mm, 1 carat -tip -shaped diamond diameter is 5.5mm. The size of the diamond can be explained from two aspects. For most people, the size of the diamond is the size of the size, that is, the size we can see the naked eye in our hands. There is also a size standard for one carat diamond. According to the international size, the diamond diameter of one carat is 6.5 mm, which is more than half centimeters. If we wear it on our hands, it generally accounts for more than one -third of the width of the girl’s ring finger. This size is already very visual. However, because of different diamond shapes, the size of the diamond we actually see is different.
    The weight of one carat diamond
    . Another size of one carat diamond is weight, and the weight is the first detection standard in the diamond 4C. The weight of the one -carat is the same as the weight of our physical items, which is reflected in gram. One carat weighs 0.2 grams, which is 20 mg. The price is more expensive, less than 20,000 to 30,000, and a high of 100,000. It can be seen that we cannot measure the preciousness of items at weight.
    The choice of one carat diamond
    For friends who like carat diamonds, choosing is a key step. In fact, the choice of diamonds can compare the value. Each diamond will have an appraisal certificate, and the certificate will be detailed in the certificate. The weight, color, clarity and cutting level of diamonds are marked. If the price is equivalent, we can choose diamonds with higher level parameters, which is more cost -effective.

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