What is the processing method of artificial gemstone processed by the fellows of Wuzhou now? Is it a semi -finished product for processing by the manufacturer? And where should I sell after processing

And where should the gems after processing the finished product be sold? And what is the profit of processing gems? What is the computing algorithm, is it a piece of pieces?

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  1. 宝石加工要分好几个步骤:rn一.购原材料(就是去石料店买相应的石料):rn1.选料,石材料分好几种:常用的就是AB料,B料, C ingredients, and D ingredients. Among them, the larger head of the AB material is used to cut into a larger stone embryo. The B material is used to cut the moderate stone embryo, and the D material block head is small to cut into a small stone embryo. Choose the corresponding model to the color.
    2. For the color, confirm the color according to the color required by the gem, and the confirmation color is very complicated and very critical! The depths must be grasped by yourself ... For the good color, you can cut the stone and cut the granules.

    , cutting, the so -called cutting is to first confirm the length of the size and cut the stone first into pieces, and then cut the pieces of stone! When the size is good! )

    three, shape. 1. First make the corresponding gem model, which is about a model of the outline. After the model is done, install it into the modeling machine. Then put the cut grain stone embryo into the modeling machine, the sandwheel of the modeling machine will polish the stone embryo as the outline as the model made ...

    Putting Putong photosynthesis shiny, throwing Putong light shows that the quality of gemstone quality is not very high, and if the light is shining, it means that the quality of the gemstone is a bit high. Ingredients (shattered sand) mix together into a stirring pot (the size of the stirring pot is almost the same as the small shop rice cooker ...) and then put some polished polishing powder. Generally, ordinary light should be thrown for 1 day ... Throw 2-3 days. If you throw your light, you can get it!

    five, grind the stones, first stick the ingredients on the iron rod with a grain of the ingredients. Intersection Then insert the iron rod on a molar tool called the octagonal version (hexagonal version). Of course, I am talking about it with an octagonal machine. There are many people using machines and Taiwan. I am here. It's not specifically explained! After being inserted into the octagonal version, the position of the machine began to adjust the machine ... The grinding stones are the first to grind the gemstone, and the position is to adjust the height of the height layer that needs to grind the face of the gemstone on the machine. After that, you can start grinding. Then put it on a sand table and start grinding, just hold the octagonal version inserted on the sand table ... Because there are several layers of positions on the face of the gemstone, we must first polish it on the sand table. (Usually called face -to -face) After the surface is carved, you can change the CD ... After changing the CD -ROM, you start to polish ... That is, the octagonal version of the octagonal version of the CD of the CD of the CD of the CD of the CD of the CD -ROM is the one. The toss of the section, that's it, of course, the polishing still requires something to assist ... starting with fine sand paper on the polishing disk at the beginning, polishing oil and polishing powder ... This procedure cannot be proceeded.
    In the face of the gemstone, you need to change the side after throwing it ... Take off the stone heavy iron rod and stick to the iron rod, and then do the previous steps ... but this time it is to polish the bottom, this time Different from the face of polishing ... Just adjust the position of the machine according to the ground of the machine. It is OK to start polishing and polishing according to different layers of number. A grasses will be born like this! After all the processes are done ... remove the stone from the iron rod ... and then clean it (you can wash it with low -soluble sulfuric acid, or use alcohol to clean it ... Cleaning is a lot cleaned ... and it will be cleaned soon ... Use the others to not compare sulfuric acid ... but if people who rarely use sulfuric acid are still cleaned in other things ... because sulfuric acid is used Cleaning is not much insurance! If you accidentally use sulfur, you will wear hard work to wash out all the gems ...
    In the cleaning, you can take it for a quality inspection!

    Sales for sales Aspect:
    The general manufacturers in Wuzhou have supply and processing. You can contact the manufacturer if you want to process.
    The processing back to the manufacturer after processing.
    The artificial gems processed by Wuzhou are mainly sold to Thailand and India. , United States and other countries. Among them, ASEAN countries such as Thailand are the main partners of Wuzhou artificial gem trade. At present, more than 400 gem merchants in Wuzhou have established a fixed connection with the jewelry markets of ASEAN countries such as Thailand. Jewelry dealers in Mexico, Russia and other countries have also went to Wuzhou to find business opportunities.

    Colidation and calculation: calculate by the particles. Small 5 -point money. According to actual size.

  2. There are generally two ways:

    1. Buy your own machine and raw materials (vermiculite -a kind of silicate mineral) processing, and then contact the boss to buy.
    2, contact the boss to sign the contract, some boss provides machines and raw materials, and process the finished owner for recycling.

    This is generally based on types, aesthetics and quantities.

    It is unclear as the profit.

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