What should the school send prizes to students? At least five types ~

The main reason is that college students are sent to three good students and the like ~

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  1. 01. Doll

    02. Some beautiful small jewelry

    03. Beautiful and exquisite notebooks

    04. R n05. Award

    06. Best selling novels

    07. Small decorations

    08. Disk

    10. Electronic products

  2. People are all college students ,,, still pens. Essence Essence Look down on people ~?
    Mere money to send some electronics, such as U disk, MP4, wireless mouse, mobile phone memory card, camera, etc. Go to those weird gift shops, buy it if there is something strange

  3. The school needs to send prizes for students:
    1, the timer
    It prepare a timer in the classroom. Once the student starts to make a loud noise in the classroom, or it is difficult to quiet for a while, then pick up and press the timing The device said to the student: “The timing starts!” After the student calmed down, stopped the timing and wrote the record time on the blackboard.
    2, reward vouchers
    This to send reward coupons for good performance, such as handling homework on time and obtaining praise from other teachers. Students’ reward vouchers have accumulated a certain number. You can receive “prizes”, such as lunch with teachers and draw prizes from the prize box.
    3, homework
    For students and friends, notebooks are good choices. Daily records and plans are very suitable, and the book is simple and fresh and not too business. The size is also just like the size of the A5 can be carried.

    4, U -shaped pillow
    cute and practical U -shaped pillow, such cute gifts for elementary school students can not be more suitable. Strong interest, satisfying the children’s curiosity, can help them sleep better during their lunch break.
    5, alarm clock
    The alarm clock can be said to have been accompanied by the students to come over and develop a good schedule to have enough energy to devote it to learning. This cute rabbit ear alarm clock allows students to spend a pleasant campus career, which not only provides students with awakening services, but also a rare bedside decoration.
    The teacher pay attention to the following points:
    . The number of prizes.
    How is effective every time? If the whole class is available in this prize, this effect will not be particularly good, because students will feel that there is no special characteristics.
    . It is the quota of prizes.
    The prizes do not ask for preciousness, mainly a means of incentive. It can be some smiley rubber rubbing, beautiful stationery such as small books, pencils, ruler, etc., candy, chocolate, and you can also make some small prizes by yourself, write some incentive words, etc.
    . It is the stimulus of prizes.
    This Teachers should consider carefully. If the prizes are simply turned into a stimulus, our prizes may have side effects, so we must control its stimulus, but the prizes will definitely be stimulated. Their thinking orientation, their value orientation, and teachers must correctly guide them to avoid students only learn for material rewards.
    . You can choose personalized prizes.
    The teacher must selectively design some personalized prizes. For example, this child likes reading and the child’s prize for this child is his favorite book. This child likes sports and likes to play badminton. It is badminton.

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