1 thought on “Can the gold I bought by Lao Fengxiang?”

  1. If it is a rope, it is okay.
    Mo Fengxiang is a company that produces jewelry. It was founded in 1848 and is headquartered in Shanghai.
    lasm Fengxiang’s development from Lao Fengxiang Yinlou. The idea of ​​the trademark “Lao Fengxiang” also stems from the font of Lao Fengxiang Yinlou. The company has developed into more than 20 subsidiaries including Lao Fengxiang Yinlou Co., Ltd., Lao Fengxiang Jewelry Research Institute Co., Ltd., four professional branches of jewelry factories, silverware factories, gift factories, and profile factories, and more than 60 chain silver buildings, more than 300, more than 300 Homes stores and large jewelry company groups of more than 1,000 dealers.

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